20 directors and employees from water supplies in the US state, Texas, today visited Klimatorium - Denmark's international climate center.

Here they seek inspiration from Lemvig Vand and look at the water technologies and solutions that exist in the area, which in size and challenges are similar to those that they themselves struggle with.

"We are happy for them to visit us. We have several of the water technology solutions on the shelf and they match very precisely the challenges they face in the USA, ”says director Lars Holmegaard of Klimatorium and Lemvig Vand.


Morten Sium Lynge, the Danish Consul General in Texas of team leader for the Danish water and environment team in the USA, when he presented on stage in 2021 Klimatorium and Lemvig Vands solutions

The visit was made possible via a charm offensive in the USA in mid-2021, where the Danish Consul General in Texas and team leader of the Danish water and environment team in the USA, Morten Sium Lynge, had gathered a string of good examples and best practice from Denmark.

Sustainable water pipes and satellites

The conference in 2021 was attended by 2,000 people from the water sector in Texas and the 20 have taken the trip all the way to Denmark and Klimatorium.

Lemvig Vand's goal is to become CO2 climate neutral by 2025. Among the solutions being looked at is a 100 percent sewer-separated area in the entire Lemvig Municipality, which is helping to handle the increased rainfall. Satellite data with reflectors that measure and identify possible locations where water pipes have broken due to landslides.

Just as we looked at the new sustainability pipe that was inaugurated at Søkig in Lemvig recently.



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