Caption: Project manager at the exhibition, Gert Astrup-Jepsen, tests the "storm simulator" which gives the audience the experience of the latest storms in Lemvig. As you can see - it works and it is set up outdoors!


Climatorium at the port of Lemvig opens as planned in August. But then the planned stops too. The opening will not be the physical festival of dedication, climate debate, exhibition and entertainment that was planned. Obviously because of the corona restrictions.

A primary virtual opening program is underway and will run over three days, 19-21. August. Subsequently, a decided "corona program" will start, where small groups can book free - and short - visits to the center. You will experience a mini-edition of "open house" and get an introduction to the center's exhibition "Climate without borders".

- We have decided that we will guide around the rest of August and all of September every day. In October and until Christmas we limit ourselves to work days. Of course, we want as many people as possible to see and experience our beautiful house, but we must now, like everyone else, relate to the situation and take the necessary precautions, says Climatorium director Lars Nørgård Holmegaard.

The aim of Climatorium is to build a team of volunteer “Climate Hosts” who will tell and guide groups in the center and form a central part of a school service. A completely new version of the traditional dissemination of waterworks and sewage treatment plants is under way, as will the dissemination of climate change and measures to counter them.

- Our climate guides get a slightly different start than first planned. Now the first months will mainly be a presentation of the house and a brief introduction to the exhibition. This is something that both the new guides but also ourselves at the center take part in. Every full hour at 10am to 3pm we guide and tell - of course starting with hand sprints and distance instructions. We follow the rules 100%, and then we have to take it as it is that many people may be waiting for a time with the first visit to Climatorium, says Lars Nørgård Holmegaard.

It is free to visit Climatorium, and you can book time for a visit from the front page on Climatorium's website HERE. Klimatoriums hjemmeside HER.