- It is exciting that Lemvig Municipality is doing a project in which research, education and dissemination - as well as collaboration between private and public bodies are paramount. As a new pensioner, I want to be part of the team that talks about Climatorium and its activities, so that is why I joined the volunteer corps as Climate Host, says Lena Birch, former head of the Executive Secretariat at Lemvig Municipality.

Poul Trelborg also wants to spend some of his "new" free time as host at Climatorium. After 37 years of working at Nørre Nissum Efterskole - of which 24 as vice principal, Poul retired from the labor market last year.

- Climate and climate change are topical issues, and the dissemination of the topic is in line with what I have previously taught in, so I look forward to spending some time on it and becoming part of the climate-host team at Climatorium, says Poul Trelborg .

If you are interested in knowing more about becoming a Climate Host at Climatorium, you can contact the center and have an orientation meeting arranged.


Photo: First climate hosts: Lena Birch and Poul Trelborg