18.-19. august 2021

The National Climate Summit

Theme: Can the corona pandemic show us how to solve the climate crisis?

Det Nationale Klimatopmøde


The climate summit

Professional conference in Klimatorium, with professionalism in the forefront.

- How can we use the experience of the pandemic positively in our second global crisis: the climate crisis?

How does the climate get the same political and economic superpowers as the fight against covid-19?

How do we make the climate crisis just as concrete and relevant?
the citizens that the corona crisis is?
Both in terms of consequences and possible action.


The National Climate Summit 2021 - With the pandemic as a lever for the climate

Can the corona crisis show us how to solve the climate crisis? The pandemic has taught us what we can achieve through community, leadership and global action. Can we use it to rethink climate action? The moderator-couple weather host and climate journalist Nina Bendixen and journalist Kristian Ring-Hansen Holt ensure a sharp program and good debates throughout the National Climate Summit and the KKR Central Climate Conference


Kees Klomp starts the debate!

Kees Klomp (1968) studied political science and communication at the University of Amsterdam. After a successful career as a marketing and communications consultant for the international companies BBDO, Y&R and TBWA, Klomp decides to dedicate his life to the development of Purpose Economy practice in 2006. Purpose Economy is a new economic paradigm that promotes integrated well-being and system value. Clog
is the founder of the think tank Purpose Economy THRIVE Institute and professor of applied science at the Rotterdam University of Applied Science. Klomp wrote 6 books on Purpose Economy, including the
forthcoming international publication THRIVE, which deals with the basics of a new economy written in collaboration with international new economic thinkers such as Kate Raworth, Daniel Wahl, Katherine Trebeck, John Fullerton, Helena Norberg, Charles Eisenstein and Christian Felber