Do you want to know more about the importance and potential of climate change for the climate change we are facing? Then you have the chance when VIA in collaboration with Climatorium invites to an event about climate roads on April 29 - and it all takes place live from Lemvig.  

Climate paths are on the school schedule when VIA University College invites to a live event on the occasion of Research Day. Live from Climatorium in Lemvig, the researchers from VIA's Research Center for Construction, Energy, Water and Climate talk about Klimavejen's history, performance, opportunities and perspectives. It all happens in collaboration with Climatorium.

“Climate change is changing precipitation patterns and challenging the existing sewer network with floods as a result. Climate roads can change that. The climate road in Hedensted can both handle the surface water and at the same time draw energy out of the rainwater and the surrounding soil, which is used to heat a nearby orphanage. Klimavejen is a good example of an interdisciplinary research project, where both practice, authorities, citizens and knowledge institutions work together to find the best solutions. There is a lot of potential in climate paths to support the green transition in Denmark, and we focus on that in the presentation. At VIA, we train climate and supply engineers, and at the research center this is one of our core competencies - so we look forward to disseminating knowledge on the subject, ”says Theis Raaschou Andersen, head of research at the Research Center for Construction, Energy, Water and Climate.

Research plays a crucial role

At Denmark's international climate center, Climatorium, Research Day is important.

“When we have to turn climate challenges into climate solutions, everyone must step in and cooperate. We must have put researchers together with the business community, civil society and public authorities, ”says director Lars Holmegaard from Climatorium.

He looks forward to the day and explains that Climatorium continuously helps to turn difficult-to-access researcher knowledge into easy-to-understand solutions that may even be realized and turned into actual products by companies. For the benefit of all.

“For the climate agenda, the biggest challenge of our time is to turn to opportunities. Here, research plays a crucial role, ”says the director.

Everyone is welcome

The event takes place on April 29 from kl. 10.00-11.00 in Lemvig, but due to the corona, people are invited to watch live through Zoom. However, there will still be plenty of opportunities to ask questions along the way.

“The idea of ​​holding such an event here on the occasion of Research Day is to get more widespread research - because our research concerns everyone. Therefore, we also hope that everyone who has an interest in the topic will participate. It can be both high school students and professionals, but it is also for ordinary people. We hope to make everyone smarter, ”says Theis Raaschou Andersen.

The event does not require registration, but can be accessed through a link at