Planet Bee and Climatorium are developing solution with planted beds and insect habitats

It is not only climate change caused by water that is focused on in Climatorium. Biodiversity is in crisis and there is a lack of knowledge and data to solve the task. This now leads Climatorium to enter into a collaboration with Planet Bee, which has gathered a circle for development, research and implementation of the solution.

Michael Hübertz from Planet Bee says about the collaboration that it is a goal to have the first prototype of one of the beds that will form the basis for the finished solution, established during 2020. Over the winter, the raised bed will be built with built-in cameras that can generate data on the number and species of bees and other flying insects.

It is the ambition that the project can be seriously rolled out to become nationwide in 2022 and conceptually expanded with complementary products and employee involvement. In the long term, the ambition is to create a labeling scheme for biodiversity in Denmark and internationally.


Caption: With Michael Hübertz, Planet Bee on the left and Lars Nørgård Holmegaard, director of Climatorium in the front, here is the circle behind the new solution for promoting biodiversity.