At Climatorium there must be something for everyone, and for children and families we offer a series of video explainers about climate and climate change.

Maja Adjoa, known from DR's Ultra New, hosts a total of 10 videos about the climate and our globe. In the videos, Maja looks, among other things, at what we should eat in the future, what is being done to curb climate change and what to do if you become worried about the future.

So when Climatorium opens for August, the high water protection at the harbor is simultaneously transformed into a climate route. This is where you need to find the videos and both get smarter on climate and test your knowledge. With your own mobile phone in your hand you can come to a whole new kind of "harbor cruise" in Lemvig. Follow the high tide protection from the Ice Works in the west to Climatorium in the east and find the QR codes for the Climate Route videos.

Once the route is completed, you can pick up a scratch quiz in Climatorium and get your climate-ready knowledge tested!


The footage was made with a "Green Screen" where all kinds of backgrounds can be inserted, and where Maja therefore takes viewers to a number of places that play a role in the climate debate. Right from the kitchen table to the climate summit in the UN and to wetland Denmark and brightly colored coral reefs.

“It is allowed to be fun to be wiser. In the videos, there are plenty of visual surprises that speak to the children's natural curiosity - while gaining new knowledge about climate change, ”explains producer Turi Kjestine Meyhoff, owner of the communications company Klædt P