Nelson in New Zealand will build a Climatorium.
It will be a gathering place for scientists and business but also the civilian population.

Den New Zealandske udgave af klimacentret Klimatorium rummer også rådhus, bibliotek og virksomhedsadministration

The city of Nelson with approx. 60,000 residents are New Zealand's climate city number one. The city council has chosen to declare “Climate Emergency” in the Nelson-Tasman area called Te Tau Ihu, which covers the entire top of the New Zealand South Island. This underlines how serious the situation is.

A large proportion of the population is Maori. Whether they should have all the credit for the city's status is a little exaggerated, but it is a well-known case that the indigenous people make a clear and positive impression on the archipelago. The Maoris' view of life goes hand in hand with the climate-friendly goals and visions that lie behind the climate center that has been designed for construction in Nelson - and which in many ways has been built with the Climatorium in Lemvig as an example.

The upcoming center in Nelson will not only become an environment and a gathering place for researchers and businesses in the climate industry. The goal is also to make the climate center and the idea of ​​a better climate and work to solve the many challenges posed by the changing climate conditions become an integral part of the citizens' everyday life.

A lot of visitors to the center will be there in the immediate future other than to immerse themselves in climate issues, since the city's town hall and municipal office will also be located here. A brand new library and the administration of one of the area's largest industrial groups, Wakatu, will also be housed in Climatorium.

There has recently been a delegation from Lemvig to visit Nelson. Similarly, there have been visits from New Zealand to Denmark in the past.

“The fact that climate centers are being built on the same model and with the same goals in two parts of the world will all equally strengthen the development of climate-technical solutions that are necessary for us as a society to live - and live well - with the many changes we the coming years will experience as a result of global climate change ”, siger direktør i Klimatorium i Lemvig, Lars Nørgård Holmegaard.

"Both our municipality, the Coastal Directorate and our high school were on the visit to Nelson, and the already good contacts were extended and will certainly provide benefits and dividends for both climate centers and form a school example for similar progress around the world", siger Lars Nørgård Holmegaard

Region Midt also focuses on the area and studies its sustainable health sector. Here Climatorium in Lemvig will be able to assist and help to make valuable contacts. New Zealand is a leading country in sustainable initiatives, and this is something Lemvig Gymnasium focuses on. Teachers and experts from New Zealand will be associated with the upcoming climate line at the high school, just as the school principal, Bo Larsen, used the visit to New Zealand to invite interested young people to study in and experience Denmark based in Lemvig.

Photo: Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese, is the prime mover in the construction of a climate center in New Zealand.