Climatorium and Geo will, together with, among others, Lemvig Gymnasium, integrate the subject geology into teaching and make geology an attractive study and education. The project has already received millions of kroner in support from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Geo is a consulting engineering company that specializes in solutions with soil, subsoil and water. Geo solves tasks within construction, civil engineering, industry, energy and water supply with sustainable climate solutions.

Digital teaching platform

The collaboration between Geo and Climatorium aims to develop a digital teaching platform for geology, which at universities is called geoscience, or science of geology. The platform is based on an already existing platform GeoAtlas Live, which is used by professional users.

As a dissemination platform, Climatorium must spread the knowledge of geoscience to educational institutions and business companies that want to go out into the world with their products.


Mads Robenhagen Mølgaard, department manager at Geo and responsible for the project

- The intention is to make the subject more lively and present for students in upper secondary education by creating a clear common thread between theory, model and reality. We hope that many more young people will become interested in the subject, says Mads Robenhagen Mølgaard, who is department manager at Geo and responsible for the project.








Geoscience is the science of soil. Why it is the way it is, and how living things affect and can affect it. Topics can include nature's cycles, water and geothermal heat, seabed conditions, nuclear energy, raw materials, landforms, how volcanoes behave, oil and subsoil, and wind turbines.

Based on geoscience, it is possible to work as geologists, engineering geologists, geophysicists, data scientists, climate scientists, meteorologists and in teaching.

  - It is a very socially relevant study that gives students many qualities in different subjects, and then there is a clear line directly over to green transition. The subject is more necessary than ever, emphasizes Mads Robenhagen Mølgaard.

Geo provides teaching materials for teachers and students that can be used in subjects such as natural geography, biology, physics and chemistry. The current project has high school students as its primary target group. It's about getting more young people to read geoscience. Lemvig Gymnasium is a party to the project.

- With Geo's teaching platform, we can get exciting information about the underground in the Lemvig area. Among other things, a cross-section of three-dimensional models of any soil layer in the entire municipality. It is a program that students can familiarize themselves with and use. It offers new opportunities and is an exciting offer in teaching, which we look forward to, says Martin Rungø Hilligsøe, biologist and natural geography teacher at Lemvig Gymnasium.

In his teaching, he has a special perspective on drinking water supply in the municipality and on the soil conditions in Thyborøn, where the soil settles.

Overview and information

Another important part of the new collaboration is that Climatorium can create an overview of what is happening within the subject and the industry and create contact with educational institutions and other knowledge companies.

- In GeoAtlas Live, we have a platform that is widely used professionally, and which is now made more education-oriented. It gives students and teachers the opportunity to see how geology is local and investigate changes and the significance in relation to climate adaptation, says Mads Robenhagen Mølgaard.


Fact box:

The project is carried out in collaboration with Lyngby Gymnasium, Lemvig Gymnasium, Geopark Vestjylland, Climatorium and the Alexandra Institute.

The University of Copenhagen and the University of Aarhus plus the Ministry of Education are part of a follow-up group for sparring. The project started on 1 August 2020 and runs over two years until 31.07.22.