What will you say to the sea?

Are you also interested in climate and want to make a difference? Climatorium is Denmark's international climate center and has a strong focus on involving the civilian population in the climate dialogue, especially with a view to conveying complex issues and solutions in an inspiring and informative way.

You now have the very special opportunity totake part in the above competition and thus get your climate message seen and heard.

Find the creativity and send us your bid on what you would say to our beautiful ocean if it could listen and understand? We know that our ocean and wildlife are affected by climate change as well as suffer from humanity's barely sustainable behavior: water temperature rises, plastic piles up, polluted water is discharged into our garden, etc.

The competition is held in collaboration with young people in New Zealand to clarify how climate challenges are affecting the globe. After completing the competition, Climatorium will have the right to make visible and present all submitted elements. This will help us to sharpen the dialogue and address the various issues in a constructive way.

Send us your creative message to the sea to us and take part in the competition!

Climatorium is known for addressing climate challenges through collaboration where new opportunities are presented rather than threats.

Send your bid with your age to info@klimatorium.dk



The competition runs from 12/6 - 10/7 2020. a weekly winner is selected, and all submitted entries are included in the competition for the grand prize, worth DKK 1,000.


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