Sustainable roads based on sustainable values

- NCC is a company that wants to take responsibility for climate and the environment by thinking about long-term, sustainable solutions. The company does this, among other things, by reducing the industry's environmental footprint and by contributing climate-friendly solutions to the Danish roads.

In recent years, Denmark has felt the consequences of climate change. More frequent heavy rain and cloudbursts present challenges in especially the densely built residential areas - with huge costs as a result. NCC has therefore developed a concept for climate roads - NCC PermaVej - which can be used for local rainwater drainage on squares, residential roads and roads in the nearby city. The solution consists primarily of a permeable asphalt coating, which is an open asphalt where the rainwater can easily penetrate. Under the coating lies the special support layer - NCC Drain Stable - which has so much drainage effect that it can absorb the rainwater according to the same principle as a machine. In this way, the water is drained slowly into the soil or on to the sewer network with delay, so that the sewer network is not overloaded. This means that the road or square is always free of water - even during cloudbursts. And as an added benefit, the road usually requires no drainage grates, trenches or wells, which makes construction work less complicated and minimizes costs.

At Climatorium, guests from companies, authorities, educational institutions and civil society can experience the climate path both inside the center and at one of the upcoming outdoor exhibitions.


NCC er nyt medlem af Klimatorium

Sales Manager Michael Brask, NCC
is a new member of Climatorium