En bygning kan i sig selv skabe omtale og sætte fokus på et emne. Klimatorium, Danmarks internationale klimacenter, i Lemvig har med sin arkitektur skabt ubetalelig synlighed og sat fokus på den grønne omstilling. Klimatorium, Danmarks internationale klimacenter, i Lemvig åbnede dørene i december 2020 og har allerede været på manges læber, fået flot omtale og hæder af eksperter fra hele verden. Især for bygningens arkitektur, som allerede fra visionsstart i 2015 var anvendt som middel til at gøre det vi arbejder med kendt, altså klimaet. Allerede i december 2020 vandt Klimatorium prisen som årets erhvervsbyggeri i Danmark. Prisen er den danske byggebranches største hæderspris. 3XN, arkitekterne...

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Nationalt klimatopmøde i Lemvig

National Climate summit in Lemvig

Climate adaptation, sustainability, green transition, circular economy and natural resources are key concepts in that transition to a climate-neutral ...

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konkurrence – Dear Ocean!

competition– Dear Ocean!

What will you say to the sea? Are you also interested in climate and do you want to help make a difference? Klimatorium is Denmark's international ...

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Besøg Klimatorium – trods Corona

Visit Klimatorium - despite Corona

Caption: Project manager at the exhibition, Gert Astrup-Jepsen, tests the "storm simulator" which gives the audience the experience of the latest storms in ...

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Klimaquiz på Lemvig Havn

Climate quiz at Lemvig Harbor

At Climatorium there must be something for everyone, and for children and families we offer a series of video explainers about climate and ...

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Klimatorium og Corona

Climatorium og Corona

We hope you all remain in good health in this dreadful Corona era. We must all recognize that regardless of our vast knowledge and resources in a ...

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Børnenes Klimamøde

Children's Climate Meeting

The Children's Climate Meeting is a learning and festive day in the sign of climate - The Children's Climate Meeting is part of the 2020 Climate Meeting in Lemvig. But Friday, August 21 is ...

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NCC er nyt medlem af Klimatorium

NCC is a new member of Climatorium

Sustainable roads based on sustainable values ​​- NCC is a company that wants to take responsibility for climate and the environment by thinking in long-term, ...

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Så fik vi holdt rejsegilde for Klimatorium

Then we got to celebrate Climatorium

The schedule for the construction of Climatorium is strictly followed, and the time until now is blah. gone get all 120 piles hit in the ground, get cast and put ...

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Rejsegilde på Klimatorium

Celebration at Climatorium

Wednesday, February 26 at 1 p.m. 15.00-17.30Haven 8 - Lemvig Climatorium rises beautifully on the eastern harbor of Lemvig. Exhibition, climate meeting and climate projects ...

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Projektleder til  Klimatorium

Project manager for Climatorium

Press release - Sarah Lund from Kolding January 1st employed as project manager in the upcoming climate center, Climatorium, which is under construction on ...

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Landdistriktsmidler til Klimatorium

Rural funds for Climatorium

From the Rural Pool "Experimental Projects", Climatorium has been awarded DKK 500,000 in grants to build the exhibition "Water without Borders". -...

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December 2019 Update

December 2019 Update

Monthly Facts about the Climatorium-December issue. Every month Cimatorium publishes an informational article that tells us about the work in progress, and ...

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Januar 2020 Update

Januar 2020 Update

Monthly Facts about Climate Change - January 2020 Climate Change is an innovative climate center located on the west coast of Denmark - where a large part of ...

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Quadruple Helix

Quadruple Helix

Quadruple Helix "Kva-Droplet Helix" - the word is hard to say, and what exactly does it mean? Maybe you stumble across the word. It is hard to say -...

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Klimateknologi på Rådhuset

Climatorium In Nelson

Nelson in New Zealand will build a Climatorium. It will be a gathering place for scientists and business but also the civilian population. The New Zealand ...

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Klimatorium På Finansloven

Climatorium on The Finance Law

Gets three million a year for the next four years to run a new Climatorium in Lemvig. The operation of the new Climate House in Lemvig is part of the Finance Law, ...

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Vand kan blive et eksporteventyr

Water can become an export adventure

With sea and water everywhere, Denmark must prepare for a changing climate. At the same time, this challenge is an opportunity for water - like wind - to become ...

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Klimatoriums bestyrelse offentliggjort

Board Members Announced

The association behind the Climatorium has been established and it will be managed by a very strong and powerful board, consisting of members within the climate and water sector.

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Climate Roads

Climate Roads Read about the first piece of climate road that at the same time solves two of the great climate challenges of the time In cooperation...

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Klimamødet 2021
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