Water and climate have a global market of 3000 billion DKK and Denmark will face a huge export adventure, if the market is accessed correctly. Through multidisciplinary collaboration, based on the Quadruple Helix mindset, Climatorium will develop innovative climate solutions nationally and internationally.

Cooperation with New Zealand has already been established and many other countries are also showing great interest.

Climatorium's members consist of a large number of climate-innovative companies as well as other relevant companies, which together create a great business environment in climate, water, energy and circular economy. The environment allows companies to collaborate with research and education in the best possible way. 

Climatorium is a big attraction for business and climate tourists. The building is open to business as well as the public and therefore makes it possible to experience the climate up close, through the many ongoing exhibitions which are provided by the participating companies. Climatorium also works closely with Geopark Vestjylland, which is one of the main players behind the dissemination work.





Climatorium will be a pillar for research and education in the field of climate challenges related to water. The purpose of Lemvig Climatorium's research projects is to find specific solutions to climate challenges. The research projects' results are translated into products through Climatorium's network of companies, which results in new jobs and knowledge dissemination.
Climatorium research places great value on research projects, as research is crucial to how successfully we tackle climate change and future climate challenges.

Currently, two exciting PhD projects are already in progress in Climatorium:

  • Optimization of filter rinse ”VUDP. Optimization of filter rinsing using geophysics. A collaboration with Via University College and Aarhus University.
  • Strategic use of satellite data ”VUDP. Strategic monitoring of pipes with satellite data. A collaboration with Via University College and Ramboll.



Many of Denmark's smaller cities are challenged as their young people move to the big cities to study. It is difficult to attract competent workers with high professional skills. This will Climatorium do something about. Therefore, a collaboration with VIA University has been initiated.
Climatorium houses a minicampus for research and engineering studies as part of VIA University. This opens up the possibility for young people from West Jutland to study from home and contributes to maintaining the west coast of important labor. A very central focal point in the climate, water, energy, environment and circular economy.

At Climatorium we can help you find the right research partner or together, look at the possibility of writing a PhD in climate and put yourself in dialogue with the right companies.


    School Collaboration

    Climatorium does much to include colleges and trade schools as well as local primary schools. Young people play a fundamental role in the climate of the future and it is therefore extremely important to engage and inform them about what is happening and how they can help make a difference.
    Climatorium's collaboration with the students therefore creates the perfect interaction between research and learning environment. The collaboration is based on in-depth research and close collaboration with the prestigious concept 'MAD' (Make A Difference) from New Zealand. MAD works with the young people and creates a fantastic interaction between research and learning environment.