Thyborøn Canal and the Western Limfjord

– C2C Project C9

C9 Thyborøn Kanal og den vestlige Limfjord

Due to climate change, we in Denmark are experiencing more storms, more extreme rain, and higher water levels. In so-called storm surges, the water from the North Sea is stored in the Western Limfjord and causes flooding of the surrounding towns.

The project was created through C2C CC (Coast 2 Coast Climate Challenge). The purpose of the project is to secure seven municipalities around the Western Limfjord against floods. This is done by narrowing the opening towards the North Sea, to limit the inflow of water.

The cities need to secure themselves further. In Lemvig, you can see an example of such security at the city's harbor. A solid wall, 60-80 cm high. The wall is cast in concrete and with openings that can be closed tightly. It divides the harbor area into several smaller recreational sections, and at high tide in the fjord, the wall acts as a dam that prevents the fjord's water from flooding the low-lying part of the city.


Seven municipalities and water supply companies located along the Western Limfjord are working on a joint project to protect cities and countries against future floods:

Lemvig Kommune, Holstebro Kommune, Morsø Kommune, Skive Kommune, Struer Kommune, Thisted Kommune.

Lemvig Vand, Morsø Forsyning, Skive Vand, Struer Forsyning, Thisted Spildevand, Vestforsyning, Vesthimmerland Vand.

Status: Ongoing project