Resource-efficient wastewater recycling through innovative flotation concept-InnoFlot.

Projekt MUDP-InnoFlot

The Innoflot Lighthouse project focuses on developing and testing a new method for limiting water consumption in the food industry.

The technology will provide major savings on water and energy, more environmentally friendly production, and better utilization of residual streams.

Worldwide, the food industry is among the industries that use the most water. By updating a well-known technology, the consumption of wastewater can at least be halved at one of the Nordic countries' largest producers of fish meal and fish oil, TripleNine Group A/S in Thyborøn.

The solution can be implemented in other food companies.

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Project participants: Teknologisk Institut, TripleNine, Bio-Aqua, Lemvig Vand

Budget: 43 million DKK

Timetable: Nov 2019 -mid 2022

Status: Ongoing project


World Goal 6.3: Less waste water and increased water recycling – using a newly developed flotation technology

 World Goal 9.4: Increased use of clean and environmentally friendly technologies – the technology concept will give TripleNine significant reductions in water and energy consumption and thus fewer emissions to the surrounding environment.

World Goal 12.2: Efficient utilization of natural resources – as the new technology improves the possibilities of utilizing residual flows as a high-value resource.