Purification in Climate Roads

PhD project by Lasse Abraham Rasmussen

14. Klimavejen

Heavy cloudbursts challenge landowners and authorities in Denmark - and extreme amounts of rainfall flood roads and residential areas and destroy sewers.

In a Coast to Coast project, several partners have created a multifunctional solution to the problems – the CLIMATE ROAD.

THE CLIMATE ROAD is a new type of road that handles large amounts of water. The water is directed away faster and does not flood sewers and ditches when it seeps through the permeable road surface into the road box. The water also generates energy for heating buildings.


Purification in Climate Roads

As a follow-up to the project on the CLIMATE WAY, Klimatorium has established a Ph.D. project in collaboration with Aalborg University, which is being carried out by Lasse Abraham Rasmussen.

The Ph.D project investigates road dust from Climate roads and how a possible purification can take place so that pollution from road water can be reduced.

The importance of purification is highlighted in a research article by Professor Jes Vollertsen, Associate Professor Asbjørn Haaning Nielsen and Professor Emeritus Thorkild Hvitved-Jacobsen from the Department of Building and Construction, Aalborg University:

"A number of the substances that occur in road water are potentially harmful to the environment, and it may therefore be necessary to clean the water before discharge" (Vollertsen, Nielsen og Hvitved-Jacobsen).


The aim of the Ph.D. project

How many microplastics, rubber, and heavy metals are there?
Statistical analysis: Are there differences between areas?
• Hvordan ser det ud når der sammenlignes med regnvandsbassiner?