New technology makes a visit to Klimatorium an exciting experience

Caption: Director Kian Floor Ulriksen from the robot company Yodaway is in good company with "Miss Q", who will tell and show the way for Klimatorium's guests.

At Klimatorium, Denmark's international climate center, we are constantly making new experiences. We know that the best experience of a visit is to be guided around. So far, there have been over 500 tours. Now we also make individual visits - without a guide - a good and informative experience.

 Robots make it even more attractive and exciting to visit Klimatorium, says director Lars Nørgård Holmegaard.

The robots

Two human-like robots tell about activities and Klimatorium's climate history. On arrival you will be welcomed by the one robot, where you first choose the language - Danish, English or German.

Then you get an introduction to the trip around Klimatorium. With your mobile and QR codes, you download audio files that tell about the individual exhibitions.

Miss Q

The other robot has already been named - "Miss Q". "The Lady" tells the guests about the somewhat difficult concept "Quadruple Helix". She makes it a breeze to learn the collaborative model of speech and dance. She also shows the guests the way to the toilet and to Klimatorium's café.

Unfortunately, many tourists have gone in vain. We are now doing something about it. Guests can immerse themselves in all the individual exhibitions, and then a visit will extend over several hours. But guests can also choose to and from and decide the length and scope of the visit, says Lars Nørgård Holmegaard.


From Easter and the rest of the summer, Klimatorium is open seven days a week between 10.00 - 15.00. "Robot visit" is free.

It is still possible to get guided tours. Here the price is 50 kroner per. person and there must be a minimum of 10 on a team. You register via the website. Preschool and school classes get guided tours for free.

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