UFOs (Universal Filtering Objects) in Lemvig with Jes Vollertsen, professor and Lasse Rasmussen, AAU and Ph.d. students under Lemvig Vand, the Laboratory for Microplastics and Linda Männisalu, supply engineer student Lemvig Vand.

Numerous international research institutions are looking into microplastics these years. One of the foremost institutions is Aalborg University Builds laboratory for microplastics.

Sampling and analysis for microplastics is quite complicated, and one of the core instruments is UFO shaped. Three universal filtering objects (UFO) made a visit to Lemvig on 21 September. The objective is to determine the deposition of microplastics in a local surface water retention pond.

The pond is receiving surface water from typical modern family life. We don’t know of any harmful effects, but what are the amounts of microplastic produced by residents, and how effective is a retention pond? The next half year Lemvig Vand/Climatorium will have permanent UFO assistance in the quantification of microplastics.