19. august 2022 // ONLINE

kl. 8am – 10am CET DK Time
kl. 6pm – 8pm New Zealand Time

Youth Climate


How can vi get Earth back in balance?

Are you aged 16-24 then this conference is for you!
Participate as individual or together with your school.

A Denmark / New Zealand collaborative

Climate has become a hot topic. We hear a lot about the challenges which we are facing if we don’t stop up and act immediately. But what are the concrete actions we as individuals can take? Participate in our 2-hour long Youth Climate Conference online and learn more about how we together can get Earth back in balance!

Conference designed BY youth FOR youth!

  • A collaborative between Denmark and New Zealand
  • Participants from across the globe

19. th August
8am – 10am CET
6pm – 8pm New Zealand time

Deltag individuelt eller som samlet skoleklasse


    08:00 CET / 06:00 pm NZ
    By Klimatorium and Wakatū

    08:03 CET / 06:03 pm NZ
    Karakia / Indigenous Maori Blessing
    To invoke guidance and protection
    By Ihaka Griffin Matthews

    08:08 CET / 06:08 pm NZ
    Online activity
    By Rohan O’Niell-Stevens, councilor and Mayoral candidate for Whakatū Nelson

    08:15 CET / 06:15 pm NZ
    Introduction to Klimatorium & Wakatū
    Why is dialogue with Youth important? And how can we collaboratively work on climate solutions?
    By Klimatorium and Waktaū

    08:25 CET / 06:25 pm NZ
    A reflection on Klimatorium and the role Youth play
    By Rohan O’Niell-Stevens, councilor and Mayoral candidate for Whakatū Nelson

    08:30 CET / 06:30 pm NZ
    Key Note: “Indigenous perspective”
    Our connectedness to the world and how our decisionscan impact or change the world (Grow tender shoot to meet the needs of your world)
    By Heni Unwin E tipu, Maori researcher for Marine Technologies, Cawthron Institute

    08:45 CET / 06:45 pm NZ

    08:55 CET / 06:55 pm NZ
    Speaker: “Forecasting & data – a world full of data”
    We’ve got vast amounts of data and knowledge about the risks and challenges we are facing. How can we use this better?
    By Mark Payne, DMI Climate Atlas (Denmark) & Tim Naish, professor in Earth Sciences, Antartic Research Centre, Victoria University

    09:15 CET / 07:15 pm NZ

    09:25 CET / 07:25 pm NZ
    Speaker: “Liveable cities”
    What role will the emerging area of technology called “Digital Twin Cities” and other technologies like AI and AR/VR play in enabling our climate response in the future?
    By Husain and Dipesh, leading technology futurists at Datacom

    09:40 CET / 07:40 pm NZ

    09:50 CET / 07:50 pm NZ
    Closing & surprise
    By Klimatorium and Waktaū

    10:00 CET / 08:00 pm NZ
    Thank You


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