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21mar(mar 21)8:0024(mar 24)16:00Future Days - moderne erhvervs konference

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Klimatorium afholder i samarbejde med Aarhus studenterhus, en moderne erhvervskonference, som er tilpasset unge studerendes ønsker.

Målet med Future Days er at skabe dialog mellem erhvervsliv og studerende, samt at øge bekendtskabet til forskellige jobs og brancher blandt de studerende.

Future Days is hosted in collaboration between Klimatorium and Studenterhus Aarhus. The festival consists of a diversity of events full of inspiration on how to create solutions to the climate challenges we face today. Go to to find all the full programme!

March 21
Breakfast & Story Slam: 08.30 – 10.30 • Studenterhus Aarhus
Clothing Swap: 16.00 – 18.30 • Studenterhus Aarhus
  • Bring clothes, leave with clothes. Who knows what cast-aside treasures you’ll discover from someone else’s closet!
Zero Waste Cooking Class: 17.00 – 20.30 • Studenterhus Aarhus
  • Combine theory and practice as we eat our way through the circular economy.
March 22
Extreme Rain: 08.30 – 10.30 • Studenterhus Aarhus
  • Extreme rain is one of the most worrying phenomenons that we face with the changing climate. Join us for this talk to learn how companies work to face the challenge!
Climate Council // Klimamonopolet: 15.00 – 17.00 • Studenterhus Aarhus
  • We have summoned our Climate Council to answer your questions about climate change, waste management, eating sustainably, and much much more!
Reduce your CO2 – Cooking Class: 17.00 – 20.30 • Studenterhus Aarhus
  • How can YOU reduce the levels of Co2 that you put out?
March 23
Power-to-X: 08.30 – 10.30 • Studenterhus Aarhus
  • How do we electrify the heavy industries or the transport sector?

Join us for a round of stories of how three different companies work to make the planet a greener place!

– How do we electrify the heavy industries or the transport sector?

One of the answers is Power-to-X, or PtX, where green electricity is used to extract hydrogen from water to make green and sustainably hydrogen, which, combined with other materials such as nitrogen extracted from the air around us, make e-fuels – sustainable fuel that can be used in heavy engines, on planes, trains, and cargo ships.
In this talk, you’ll learn all about the opportunities of PtX, which present a great opportunity for a sustainable future and for jobs in Denmark and abroad for Danes and internationals who want to take part in the transition to a greener world.
You’ll meet:
🟢 Pat A. Han, Skovgaard Invest
🟢 Lars Holmegaard, Lemvig Vand
🟢 Jesper Vinter, COWI
Climate Board Games & Pizza Night: 16.00 – 19.00 • Studenterhus Aarhus
  • Join us for a round of climate board games and pizza!
Tapas & Talent: 17.30 – 20.30 • Studenterhus Aarhus
  • Are you looking for a green career? Look no further!
March 24
Road Trip: Face the Changing Climate: Klimatorium, Lemvig
  • Face the changing climate as we visit Lemvig and Klimatorium!


Bus departs Studenterhus Århus: 08:00


Arrival Thyborøn approximately: 10:20


Departure with train VLTJ towards Lemvig: 11:05
  • Guided information about transition into green transportation in Lemvig


Arrival Lemvig-Walk and talk from train station to Klimatorium: 11:35
  • Introduction to Klimatorium along the way


Arrival Klimatorium: 12:15
  • Bio Break


Lunch & talk: 12:40
  • Stories from youth that have moved to Lemvig
    What are they working within, what brought them there and what is life in Lemvig like?


Oysters & champagne: 13:30
  • With story telling


Bus departs: 14:30


Arrival Studenterhus Århus: 16:30

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21 (Mandag) 8:00 - 24 (Torsdag) 16:00


Studenterhus Aarhus

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