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The National Climate Conference 2022


17.-18. august // dag 1+2 (Hybrid)

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Youth Climate Conference 2022


August 19th // day 3 (virtual)

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Children's Climate Meeting 2022


August 19th // day 3 (virtual)

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Klimatopmøde 2022: The Earth in Balance

From consumer society to regenerative society - from challenge to opportunity

World 7.8 billion. Humans spend far more resources each year than the Earth can recreate in a year. Global Footprint Network reports that in 2021, Earth Overshoot Day fell on July 29th. The year before, it was almost a month later! 

To reverse the trend, there must be a radical change in our way of life. We need to think differently, reorganize resource consumption, production, waste management and recycling. We need to get used to a new reality with an increased focus on climate adaptation and limited resources. To get in balance, we need to give more back to the Earth than we take. There are other words for the regenerative approach. It has become clear that energy policy is also security policy, which has actually created momentum to accelerate the green transition in Europe.

This year's Climate Confremce focuses on the necessary change, as well as how we can thereby contribute to creating a better globe. The focus is on showing approaches and concrete examples that can inspire and show paths - this is needed in Denmark and globally!

But can the thoughts be realized in larger contexts? We will challenge the individual presenters to talk about the possibilities for scaling and disseminating project ideas. This is because it is often easier to create new innovative projects than to implement a lasting change that is copied to other areas.

Sign up now. Participate physically or virtually. Either is free! Participation is free!

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The Climate Relay ensures the most important conclusions andblank recommendations from Denmark's leading climate conferences - regionally and nationally. Dealing with climate, we must act together and not separately. 

The National Climate Summit includes the Professional and Political Summit, the Children's Climate Meeting & Youth Climate Conference. Recommendations and conclusions from this are part of The Climate Relay, which is handed over to Denmark's parliament at Christiansborg every year.


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