Climate Roads

Read about the first piece of climate road that at the same time solves two of the great climate challenges of the time


In cooperation with VIA Horsens, Hedensted Municipality has established the country’s first piece of climate road, which at the same time solves two of the great climate challenges of the time.

It is a stretch of 50 meter road from Dalbyvej in Hedensted, which is now transformed into a climate road.

The one climate challenge is to handle the increasing amount of rainwater caused by climate change. Therefore, so-called permeable asphalt has been used on the road, which rainwater can penetrate through. In this way one avoids the rainwater running in the sewer or being a nuisance to the drivers.

The second challenge is to reduce CO2 emissions so that we avoid excessive climate change. You do this on the climate road by producing sustainable heat. At Dalbyvej, there are geothermal hoses under the asphalt, which are heated by the rainwater that seeps through the asphalt. The hot water is used to heat the adjacent daycare faciity “Lille Dalby”.


Heating hoses laid under the asphalt.

“The Climate Road is a good example of how we can think solutions to the future climate challenges into our construction projects and thus as a municipality contribute to a better climate on the globe,” says Lene Tingleff, Chairman of the Technical Committee.

For VIA University College Horsens, the climate road is part of a research project, and VIA will keep an eye on the road, in order to reap the experience that can be used elsewhere in Hedensted Municipality and in other municipalities in Denmark.

“This is an example of the kind of projects that we would like more of as it supports our belief, that we achieve the best results when we work together across sectors. In addition to solving the two climate challenges, a pedestrian and cycle tunnel has also been established, enabling more people to enter the countryside, ”says Liselotte Hillestrøm, chairman of the Committee on Leisure & Community.

She hopes that for the municipal schools, the climate road will be involved in teaching about climate and the environment.

Klimavejen in Hedensted is part of a large EU-supported project, the Coast to Coast Climate Challenge, which is carried out in collaboration with a number of partners in Central Denmark Region.


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